Month: April 2017

Why do we use histogram?

The primary tool on my camera is by far the histogram and the reason for this is that it shows the graphics of the image in the best way possible. There will always be a difference between the screen on your camera and the actual image regarding color and light, what is seen on the […]

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Getting used to Full frame (part 1)

This is really important to remember when you do not have the benefit of a “crop-factor” as DX cameras and other non full frame solutions give. When I moved from DX to FX (crop to full frame) this was the single most time consuming thing I worked on. Croping or adding anything to this image […]

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Creative routes

There are a number of ways I do use creative ways to make a change on ordinary objects or everyday items. If you view the image below it is a easy picture of an everyday object with a twist.       I went out for a walk in the neighbourhood and brought my camera […]

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