About Adorama camera


This page is all about helping You out in the jungle of choices when it comes to camera, lenses, accessories, print etc and will become a highly usefull solution for you.

The page will expand to cover travel and other parts of photograpy and I will work on finding the supplier you can trust from the first minute.

I do need some backup on all the news, solution, price etc. in this jungle and for this I did choose Adorama.

A lot of sites prefer online “malls” and various third party solutions however this is not my style and the reason is to be as professional as possible.

  1. I know that Adorama has been in the business for 35+ years, and by that surviving several transitions in the market, which is not an easy thing to do.
  2. They do have comparable prices. Todays example: Nikon D810 on Amazon (US shipping only): $2796, Adorama price $2796 (worldwide shipping).
  3. You can depend on them tomorow, when upgrading, changing system trade-in or used equipment. It will be a solid foundation for any level of photo
  4. You may use services like education, print, photobooks, workshops, stop by the NYC store or other services that will be necessary in the future.
  5. Time is the one “thing” we all are short of, and to have someone along to ensure that time is not wasted is the most valuable asset. Time wasted with tracking down or spent on unavailable customer service instead of using the camera or spending time with loved ones can not be replaced. I will always choose the ones that take the best care of the customer, this also go with my photograpical part of life. As so will your.

For more details please visit Adorama to see for yourself, now you have my trusted opinion. Now you may go and double check me and the store, and please come back and tell me your side of the story.

Brgs. Hans Kr.