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There are times when going to the birthday of a child or taking family shots. To me this means bringing a fixed focal lens af 50 or 85 mm. I tend to like bringing fixed focal on those occations and there are a couple of good reasons.

First of all they don’t look to bulky and big so it makes people relax a bit more when the camera is in action. The second thing is that it makes for really good practice since people are usually moving around (except from the “couch” pictures), and although the feeling of what will be in the frame becomes fairly automatic after a while the fixed lens to challenge your composition.

If a kid makes a funny face and you want to capture the moment it is likely that it takes some quick thinking and composition in order to make it a usefull picture. With the fixed focal the choices are less however there will be times that the camera is to close to the subject in order to capture i.e the whole face of someone. Then it usually comes down to placing the eyes correctly within the frame and also have the focus point set on the eye in order to get the emotions and feeling in the best way possible.

No please note that photographers are different, my style is to have a picture frame as “ready for print” as possible instead of using the computer to do crop, straightening. I used to start out as a guy that shot pictures on a “i will fix the rest later”- base only to find out that it takes a lot of time to correct stuff that really could be taken care of while doing the shot. Time is always limited and the less time wasted the better. Other photographers (or designers) prefer to take a quick shot and fix everything on the computer and this is by all means respected, however my style is not quite the same.

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Hans Kristian

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