Which Nikon Dslr should i buy? – The basic powerfull guide

This will help you narrow down Your best choice of camera as a beginner or to upgrade, however it will not give all the small technical details.



No matter what level of camera You are buying make sure the one selling it is a safe choice. The very most important in buying anything will always be that the seller will be there if something fails in shipping, payment and can ensure that the equipment is as promised and do not disapoint you. The Nikon camera and equipment will last many years and there should be ways to get help those years if anything should happen to it.

This also goes for the equipment. A failing camera during a wedding should not happen and even a camera that makes the wrong measurements and does not make the outmost of Your situation is not good enough. Trust, quality and reliability is the most important no matter what you buy. This is why Nikon has been the choice of mine for years, I am even the second generation. And it is celebrating 100 years of camera manufaturing in 2017, Adorama have been a top dealer for cameras for more than 35 years and do also know how important your purchace will be for You.



You may be the kind of person that likes to get into the jungle or be in 10 feet of snow capturing a wild animal in the arctic (Extensive user), some want a camera to take ensure the vacation, wedding, graduation or other personal events will not be forgotten in the future(Family user). The third group are the ones that enjoy an outdoor activity and need a camera that can take a bit of water spray, snow, sand etc. (Active user)

The point is that the camera should match You, You should not have to set limits because of the camera.

Extensive user:

This is where photography really is the priority in life and those who do not care about sun, rain, hot, cold, dust, high or low. The picture of their dream will be acheived no matter what kind of conditions or location and the camera and equipment needs to be heavy duty.

Camera and equipment will be specialized depending on the users knowledge from previous experience, purchase and hours in the field.

Typical camera will be: Nikon D750, D800/D810, D4/5 (or F6 for film camera).

Family user:

If Your use of the camera mainly is to ensure that the family moments is not forgotten and the equipment will be used occationally, then a small camera with a allround lens will be sufficient. It does take some experience to be able to pick the correct lens etc so a good quality allround lens will take care of the job.

Choices of camera: D3400. D5500, D7200, D500/D610 (Full frame)

Active user:

You may be the kind of person that enjoy bringing the camera on a boat, walk in the mountains to take night shots or take pictures where the equipment have to be compact yet a very high quality is vital for the print or sale of it. The interest of equipment, different lenses will be a part of the consideration.

Choices of camera: D7200, D500, D750, D810




Now you have figured out what the main selection of cameras will be the best start considering your lifestyle.

The prices below may vary with special offers, however they are Adorama prices at the present moment.

Extensive user budget: $2400 (D750 24-120mm lens) – $6500 (D5 body only)

Family user: $600 (D3400 18-55 and 70-300 mm lens) – $ 2000 (D610 24-85mm lens)

Active user: $1300 (D7200 18-140mm lens) – $ 3300 (D810 24-120mm lens)


Nikon have a DX (D3xxx, 5xxx and 7xxx) with small sensor and the FX (D500 – D800 and D5) with a bigger image sensor.  DX cameras are smaller and lighter than the FX, although the FX provides better performance in low light, larger image files.

The FX series is in general higher priced and do not have as many preset modes (for closeups, nature, portrait etc.), but are a very good option if you already have some knowledge of manual features (Aperture, Shutter etc), or if the goal is to use more manual functions in the future.


I sincerely wish you luck with picking the right camera for you and getting started with capturing the today of tomorrows generation.


Hans Kr.




Hans Kristian

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  1. Hi Hans, informative article on finding the best choice of cameras. I have little knowledge about cameras – only know that I really need one for my freelance jobs! The three big rules that you have included is such an eye opener, and it’s great that you have given suggestions on how to find a suitable camera based on function and price level. Thanks for this great article!

  2. Hey there! I really liked your guide when buying a camera. I’m looking for a camera that I can use when I go out of town. I found your article very helpful to me especially I don’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes to camera. I heard 2 good camera brands nikon and canon. Which one do you prefer more for a beginner like me? I really appreciate your response.

    • Hi John. thank you for the comment. I do know from the workshops I provided that menus and functions tend to be easier to understand and use on Nikon for beginners.Nikon improved movie recordings so on technology they are equal or better. which is the best is hard.to tell, I just know from experience that Nikon never did disappoint me at any level.

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