How to travel with a camera

There is no reason why a camera should stay at home or in a hotel room when you are on a vacation.

I will guide you through a few points that will make the travel easier.

Charge the batteries while packing the suitcase.

Most people wait with this part until they are at the hotel, missing all the good family shots on the way there and the last thing to do when arriving to a vacation area will be to wait for something to charge.

Plan the packing:

If you travel by plane it may be two issues. First one is security so if you bring the camerabag onboard make sure it do not have liquids or some small knife that have to be removed before flying. The other one is that some airliners have tight restrictions on carry on luggage and a camera may not be accepted for free. The trick is to have only the camera body with a lens in your hand. Everything else stowed away either in the main carry on or the checked in luggage.


Get a suitable bag or case for the photo equipment:

My way of travelling with the camera is to have a slightly larger backpack than the equipment needs. This way it is the only one needed since my personal items for the day will fit in the same bag. And to have it on your back is a lot more convenient than hanging a bag on your shoulder. Imagine walking between shelves in a local small store with a case on your shoulder or having to lift your child and dealing with a bag sliding around your neck.


Make sure the travel insurance do cover theft or damage.

Insurance companies do have different definitions and value on what will be replaced on standard insurance. Some may look at a camera as being “high risk” or “high value” and checking what is the circumstances for you.


Bring the basic cleaning tools

  1. A micro fiber cloth intended for glass. This may also be the kind to use on sunglasses or other kind of eyewear so no need to look for a photo store to get one.
  2. Brush to remove sand or other debris that might scratch the lens or camera surface
  3. Cleaning liquid, this might be purchased the same place as the micro fiber. However I do sometimes use a normal glass cleaning solution of a good and safe brand. Do not spray on the equipment, please ad the liquid to the cloth and then wipe.

Some more items that might make life easier:

  1. Plastic bag to cover the camera agains a water spray or some rain. Active users tend to buy water proof cases or covers, however a plastic bag might just save your day.
  2. Tripod to help out keeping the camera steady or if the photographer would like to be in the picture. You may also put the camera on a rock, post, fence however a tripod makes you independent of where the camera will be placed.
  3. Small chain lock to lock the zippers on a camera bag so the risk of theft is minimized.

This really covers the very basics in travelling with your Nikon, however it will get the vacation pictures safely back home. Enjoy your travel and make the memories last for the future!


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