My story

Welcome to a pretty big part of my life as photo has really influenced who I am. It is truly amazing what kind of storys come out of taking pictures and the equipment. Either I was on Svalbard or in Grand Canyon there would always be someone new friendship added in my life just by talking about the photography.

And with so many people that came to me and asked I created my own educational workshop to help more people. This became a big part of me for a while and will now be refreshed and added to this page for more people to enjoy.

I have been taking pictures more or less professionally for 17 years and in some ways passed on my fathers interest in photo and video. I do not have the same video interest as he had however it evens out a lot with my photographic knowledge. My curiosity for finding new ways to take an image never really stops and part of the reason is that editing is not my favourite. The more knowledge there is when taking a picture, the less time is spent adjusting it afterwards and this is very important.

For this reason there may very well be some things within photo you may be assisted with when we connect. My equipment has always been a Nikon mostly due to the fact that it has never let me down in any situation. It has been rain, snow, sand, -30C and  Death Valley and it just worked as expected at all times.

Thank you for reading this short story about me and please look into the other menus to find out what I really stand for.

Best regards

Hans Kr.