Review of Epson SC-P600

Please be adviced that this review do not cover all the specs, seconds to print and all the details for the printer, honestly there are way to many details and you would be more confused than educated. So for more specs and reviews please visit click this:

So I had to choose between the Epson P600 or the P800 for my future work since my HP9180 was no longer supported with ink, and HP seems to have pulled out of this segment of printers.

The cost of a printer, paper and ink may add up quite a bit and a lot of people make more sense of using some prime printing services like Adorama Pix. But if You really do want a solution that gives a complete control of what is printed, adjustments, when to print and all the other areas to give You complete control of your prints, then your own printer will be the solution.

And Epson is a safe bet when printing images and my experience comes from Epson 2100, 2880 and now the P600. One of the main benefits of the P600 makes justice for anyone that is not printing bigger than A3+ size and do want an option on printing on roll paper in addition to all other options.

General specs:

Paper size: Up to 13″x19″, 13″ roll paper
Paper thickness: Up to 1,3mm (special media tray)
Printing dimensions: 24.2x32x16,7 
Ink: 9 Colors including Matte and Photo black
Ink Cartridge: 25,9Ml

The printer size does make possible to even having the printer in a normal size office, or like me in the living room connected by WIFI so my whole family may use it to anything from letters to the outmost perfect pictures. The printer does also work very quiet so it will not disturb anyone when working, so if it is set up in a general area this part will also work out to a very suitable solution.

When the box is opened and printer taken out it is a very easy job to get it ready for installation. A few transport safety items, put the ink in the printer and plug it to the wall (more advanced explanation in the quick setup that comes with the P600). Next on the list will be to install the Epson software following the printer and on my Windows 7 and 10 this was an easy task, it is just a matter of choosing the correct settings when it is asking for. Setup on a computer including software download takes less than 15 minutes. The rest is taken care of and the software even checks for updates on printer firmware and software updates. Just like it should work.

The P600 is an outstanding printer and the most important features will be:

  • works with all known software (Lightroom, Nik, PS, Nikon, Picasa….)
  • Wifi
  • Ink cartridge size
  • Professional output for any level user
  • No need for changing cartridge when changing to/from Glossy/Matte paper (Do however use ink when changing settings/preparing)
  • Easy touch screen user interface
  • World leading in color range, lifespan on colors in print
  • Price/value

So is there anything I would change next time buying a printer? I might consider the P800 since it would be a benefit to work with commercial posters and prints, and it will be nice if Epson could figure out a way to decrease the amount of Ink used when changing paper (3ml when going from Matte to Glossy, 1 ml Glossy/Matte). It do have it’s cost on a 25ml. ink.

But the Epson P600 do deliver to all my expectations and will make you happy with the outcome.


Hans Kr.

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