Should I buy Nikon D800 Used?

Should I buy Nikon D800 Used?

This is a review of the Nikon D800 in relation to the D810. They are both semi pro or pro cameras and will really give quality output for the money invested in them. The D810 do take a huge step when into the video-world, however it does not have a 4K recording solution. The 4K is the new expectation of the industry and may be worth waiting for.

What would you gain by buying the new D810 and would it be worth the money?


QC – Continous quiet shutter
Iso – D 810: 64 to 12800 D800: 100 to 6400. This difference goes for both photo and video function and will benefit those who want to freeze a action shot in low light. The other option is to get more Depth of Field i low light since ISO 12800 may offer you to go with a smaller apperture than previous. If you will be depended on outdoor shots and want a camera with less limitations the D810 do win. However for studio shots and any “normal day” situation it will more than likely never give a huge advantage.
Image processor EXPEED 4 vs. 3. This change is significant in the sense of producing basicly all the new results the camera has to offer. EXPEED is the heart and soul of processing the signals from the sensor into products to view in any version.
Battery life: 1200 images vs. 900 images. This is measured by industry standards and how much of a difference are left in a really cold climate may be questionable. However if you do not use the camera extensively it may just make the difference big enough so the vertical grip is not needed. The extra control a vertical grip will give, makes for a difference however the hazzle with taking it off for every charge and the fact that it do create a “vibrating” spot when shooting long exposure at night, may create a consideration of not getting it.
Highlight Weighed metering
1 fps faster in FX and DX mode
Unlimited continous shooting (limited only by battery life or memory card speed) This one connected with the higher ISO range truly makes a powerfull pair. My experience with shooting dog agility shows always push the limits however it will be interesting check the results of the new combination. Fast moving objects will be easier to catch with the D810 when the goal will be to freeze all motion in the picture (front and background).

In addition to the differences mentioned above D810 is a brand new solution regarding the video functions. The best way to view those are this site: Nikon D800/810 comparison

There are simply so many changes that you would get bored if I spent time to list them all. And one of the things I do not like is to waste time for me or anyone else.

Price: D810 USD 2796,- VS D800 (Used) USD 1499,- The price speaks for itself, however the chance of truly getting a quality FX camera for the price of a DX is realistic. So if you would like to enter the pro-range on a budget this is an option.


The really big difference between the two solutions beside the price, will be video functions and shooting in low light. And the reason for those are the imaging processing which do give a lot of advantages in the areas.

On my D800 there is a video function to use, however it do not give room for a lot of creativity. So if the use of the camera will be to use the video function activly the D810 do have the solutions demanded of todays users. However if the still shots are the main interest and video will be used on occation it will be a good option to go for the D800.


Hans Kr.

Hans Kristian

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