Why Nikon?

Nikon have made cameras for 100 years and conquered all the areas from space, to documenting millions of family events through numerous of models used by non-commercial users. There are quite a few brands out there on the market and for some those are the best choice, and one may not be any better than the other. The point is that my camera system works.



So it is safe to say that Nikon do have the experience, technology and resources to keep up with competition, having a Nikon will give anyone a great way to capture the present for years to come. It has been a safe bet for our family the last 40 years (my dad started with Nikon), and yesterday Nikon captured another important moment i our family life.



Through my years with Nikon it has been a pleasure to work with. Death Valley, Budapest, Rainy forest or cool Svalbar have tested both me and the equipment. And we are both ready for another challenge.

And if you are a pro or would like to improve the equipment to match your own performance, the camera you own will most likely take you very far along. And when the time arrives and improvements are in demand, keep your system and replace the camera body and keep shooting.

Nikon works, and that is the best reason for owning and using it.

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